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The End Of Anxiety Review: Is It Worth It?

Over Throwing Anxiety is a guide for anxiety, whether it is for somebody who has never heard of anxiety or the person who has taken college-level psychology courses. COVID-19 changed the world for everybody and with that, we are all affected and have known somebody or experienced ourselves some form of anxiety.

The eBook Overthrowing Anxiety (Overcoming anxiety) by Christian Goodman is a thorough breakdown of what anxiety is, the symptoms, and ways to empower oneself with anxiety relief.

Learn How To Overcome Your Anxiety Now


  • Any Age/ Education level—Any age group or any educational background can read this book. It starts off at ground zero and helps you advance your understanding step by step and build on each concept.
  • Mental Health—Enhancing our mental health is essential, this book helps you do that. Two large reasons for depression and anxiety can be expectations that are not even our own. Educating yourself on any condition can help ease your anxiety because of the lowering of expectations or stereotypes, which this book will do!
  • Hope—If you are considering reading this book for yourself or a loved one, it will give you hope. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, and this book will get you closer to it with the skills and knowledge inside of it.
  • Calm your mind—Sometimes it is difficult to calm your mind. Luckily, this book will take you on a journey and help you achieve that and teach you skills for future hardships.


  • Online only—With this book only available in eBook form it makes it a big limitation for some. Luckily, the benefit of eBooks in a scenario like this is that you can save multiple bookmarks and highlight important information without ruining the book (This book you want to take notes on it)
  • Price—At $50 U.S. it has a steep price for an eBook. Yet, this book is as thorough as it gets on anxiety/ anxiety relief. If you are serious about empowering yourself or a loved one, then this book is cheap compared to the medicine or doctor visit’s we endure because of anxiety!


Every day, we face a test of stress and anxiety. Tomorrow will be no different unless you have Over Throwing Anxiety and use the information and skills inside of it.

Customers all share how they have read this book because of finals in University to switching career paths with a family to feed. If you are someone who has been facing anxiety/ anxiety attacks, it is worth the money for the book.

If you are skeptical, it is okay. The company had a solution for that. They offer a no questions asked 60-day money-back guarantee!

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