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Hi, my name is Wade and I have such an enthusiasm for this TOPIC that I decided to create this website to detail what I know about it.

I’ve owned my own businesses ever since I was 24, I’m not going to say that that never did cause anxiety, because it did. However that is not what caused me most of my anxiety, for the most part, there were many more things in my life that contributed to that.

Look for probable causes of Anxiety. Catch them at the pass, before any damage is done.

Stress and Anxiety —get help

Like these little goodies:

  • Working with relatives
  • Future money problems
  • Working with friends
  • Possible future fights with the wife
  • Moving–big decisions
  • Job changes
  • Business changes

We do not always have the luxury of doing what we want and who really knows if doing what you want would be good for you anyway —– right, I mean do you have a little crystal ball? So that brings me to the first job I ever had after I was married.

It was working for my father in-law. I know what you’re thinking, but here is a little history of what was going on in 1979.

Carter was President and he had just inherited record high interest rate around 15% and there was no work. So I worked on a dairy for my father in-law. It was better than starving.

Working for my father in-law was, well lets just say there was a lot of anxiety going around in those days. That anxiety put my father in-law in the hospital, with absolutely no explanation of what caused it. However I knew what caused it—–it was me, I caused it, but he deserved it—-he was such a d*!k. Enough on that.

When it comes to Money surprises they are very seldom good ones

Moneys great but it can cause anxiety

Money is like a river, it comes and goes especially if you chase it. I remember my accountant calling one day and he told me that instead of owing 8K in taxes(because I had made so much) I would have to come up with 30k and he told me this on April 12th and oh! ya! the IRS won’t give an extension without a significant penalty and some interest.

How did I deal with this anxiety — I pulled a Crocodile Dundee and went on a “Walk about”. I threw everything in my way out of the way the whole way out of the house and the miracle was that I did not break one window on the way out! However, by the time I got home I was a cripple and it took a couple days to get better.

Do you really want to be a over payed baby sitter?

My first business was a hard floor business that I had for 15 years. I bring this up because everyone I hire at first, was a friend or relative. It was ruff and a lot of those relatives and friends are not as close now as they were then!

Learning who your wife is and what makes her tick?

The right women can be everything

Learning what makes your wife tick is a lifetime endeavor, and might or will probably never be realized. However it is worth the try! Looking back from here to now I don’t see how we stayed married except for her, she was the glue, I know it sounds cliche but it is true, But boy oh boy oh boy was there anxiety at times. One time there was anxiety that lasted 4 years “no lie”.

If your going to make a big change like, Moving, job change, business change, prepare for a little anxiety.

All of these will involve your wife and if she doesn’t like change guess what? There will be anxiety. Back when I was first married we didn’t have internet. We had books and doctors who really didn’t know anything. But now you can actually get help easily, especially if you like self diagnose.

There are so many people who are knowledgeable in this area that can help.

I was 20 when I got married and we had 4 boys. We did managed to stay married to each other 41 years. I look at myself and my kids now and there was a whole lot of different types of things that cause anxiety.

However there is no comparison to what was going on in the 70’s and 80’s compared to now.